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21 Day New Year Detox

21 Day New Year Detox


New Year Detox

As the new year approaches it reminds me of new opportunities and new experiences awaiting us. When our health is at it's optimal it  allows us to get into the game of life as a active participant.

This New Year Detox will provide us the tools needed to work towards achieving our health & wellness goals. 

What does the detox entail: 

  • access into a closed group
  • intermittent fasting 

  • consuming fresh fruits

  • consuming fresh juice

  • consuming herbal teas

  • consuming up to 1 gallon of water

  • daily meditation 

  • daily exercise

  • daily journaling

  • daily interactions in the closed group

  • daily bathing 

  • resting

  • reading

  • sun gazing
  • instructions and guidelines on the herbal protocol 
  • A complimentary download of the new festive cookbook

This detox is essential to achieving and maintaining some of your health and wellness goals. In addition each participant will receive a download with instructions, as well as a link to 1 complimentary download for the Festive Cookbook.

You will also receive:

  • Once in the group, each member will receive a digital download of the detox
  • it includes guidelines,
  • weekly meal plan
  • recipes & instructions for all raw dishes,
  • weekly grocery list
  • herbal protocol with instructions on preparing the teas,
  • access into a closed group where you receive daily information throughout the entire detox.

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