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A Raw Food Guide

Meal planning, recipes, grocery shopping list and instructions are included in this raw food guide. This is a excellent tool to aid anyone in a lifestyle of eating nutritious raw meals with the ingredients creating the least amount of mucus in the body. The dishes in the guide are made from in season fresh or frozen organic fruits, as well as fresh in season locally grown vegetables. Seeds and some nuts are included in the recipes in the guide. Taking a break from cooking saves time and money and can provides extra time to enjoy activities many usually can't find the time to participate in. Each week you will have a new meal plan filled with electric juices, smoothies, salads, non cooked pasta dishes, desserts and more.   

Eating raw has many benefits but this guide is not intended to treat or cure any illness but it will provide the body with a healing environment. If you are currently being seen by a physician please get permission to participate and if you are nursing or pregnant this can be a compliment to your current meals but should not be done solely because it will not provide adequate calories and nutrients. 


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